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Mobile Bartending in LA

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Mobile bar 🥂✨



- Initial Contract

- Mobile Bar
- Bartender Service( 5 hours)
- Drink Suggestions
– Detailed Shopping List
– Custom Menu
– Pour Service
– Bar Area Set up

(Approx 1-1.5 Hours before start time)
– Bar Area Clean up

(After Last Call)

- Shot Cups

- Set Bartender Kit

-  Straws

- Napkins

We can prepare coktails like:

- Margaritas
- Congas
- Tequila Sunrise
- Coco Beach
- Piñas coladas
- Pink Panther
- Micheladas
- Palomas

- Cubas

- Charro Negro

          & More ...

We Will

  • Help you plan every aspect of your bar service, including bar inventory and shopping list.

  • Provide affordable packages that will include bar essential such as tools, beverage napkins, straws.

  • Arrive at the event before your guests to set-up and clean-up at the end of every event.

  • Provide a fun professional enthusiastic atmosphere throughtout event (free smiles all night).

  • Mix incredibly tasty cocktails that you and your guest will relish

We Will Not

  • Provide the alcohol for your event however, we will be happy to assist  with the delivery of prepaid alcohol and shopping list.

  • Serve alcohol beverages to any persons under the age of 21.

  • Be responsible for the irresponsible consumption of alcohol.

  • Leave you unsatisfied!

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